The Police Academy

Many tribute bands claim to have one particular element of their act “just right” – the look, the sound, the equipment, the musicianship… Yet rarely do you find a band where each one of these individual components has been painstakingly addressed in just as much detail as the last.

The Police Academy, however, do exactly that. Recreating and reproducing a totally authentic experience that allows audiences to enjoy and immerse themselves in some of the best known songs ever written by truly, one of the World’s greatest ever bands.

The high-energy and engaging nature of the band’s performances ensures that they willingly command your full attention from the very first note to the last, totally immersing you in the music and ensuring you have just as much fun as they do along the way.

With frontman Peter Wright’s uncanny vocal similarity which has to be heard to be believed, the Police Academy pay painstaking attention to every detail of their act – the sound, the equipment, the musicianship – to make sure audiences enjoy and immerse themselves in true greatest hits set.


  • Status Quo tribute