Liss Jones as Christina vs Britney

Liss Jones is a professional singer from Wales. She is a classically trained vocalist, giving her a strong ability to control her voice. She is a vocal impressionist and can impersonate a huge number of female singers.

Her career really kicked off in 2015 when she was a contestant on The Voice UK making it onto TEAM RITA!

Another prime time show followed soon after, appearing on BBC1’s “Even Better Than The Real Thing” in 2017 as a Britney Spears tribute. Paddy McGuiness interviewed her and asked her to so a couple of her impressions to which she belted out an impressive Christina Aguilera vocal, Ellie Goulding and Céline Dion! She performed a duet as Britney Spears with a Kylie Minogue act mastering a Britney vocal to a Kylie song!

Liss has gone from strength to strength performing around the world as one of the best UK multi tribute artists!

Catch her Christina vs Britney show debut on the main stage this year on Sunday afternoon.



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