Dan Budd as Robbie Williams

The UK’s Number One Robbie Williams Impersonator! Dan is without doubt one of the most (if not the most) entertaining, charismatic and energetic Robbie Williams tribute acts currently performing on the circuit today.

He can sing, he can swing, “He’s the closest thing to the real thing!” Says Robbie’s dad Pete Conway! He has been fortunate to be praised by Pete who says “Dan’s tribute to Rob is spot on! I couldn’t tell the difference” and has also tried to fool friends with Dan’s uncanny vocal resemblance.

His energy and commitment levels are boundless and his resemblance to Robbie is striking to say the least. Dan featured on BBC 1’s Let It Shine earlier this year, with Gary Barlow remarking “You look like a friend of mine!” followed closely with “he sounds like him as well!” after he started singing (see the full clip here).


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